IT and Software in Clinical Trials - Are We Really Improving?

Since the early 90’s, IT and software solutions have been a vital part of medical product development. At first, the shift from outdated methods to digital solutions was driven by necessity and change in regulations. However, much has changed.

Today, organisations place increasingly more focus on improving efficiency, data quality, and security. Regulations are just a part of the standard requirements to be met, and IT and software solutions have become a vital part of our life. 

When we look at today’s clinical trials, we have to acknowledge the fact that much of what is being used are solutions which were originally designed over 15 years ago. Some have had a facelift and incorporated smaller innovations, others have not.

Multiple solutions have emerged with different focus areas, and most are evaluated according to current, or previous standard-practice – i.e. compared with the current solutions out there.

However, how can we improve the current state, if emerging technology isn’t evaluated correctly? Are we really improving, or is innovation being ignored?